Eight to One Receive Antenna Combiner, 8A1R

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  • Overview

Remote antenna combiner-switch specifically designed for contesting, when you need to listen to different directions at the same time


  • Specifications:

    • 50/75 Ohms impedance design
    • Remotely Switch any One or any Two of eight receiving Antennas to Receiver
    • Provides a 2 Watt 75 ohm termination for non-switched inputs
    • Greater than 60 dB of on to off isolation from 50 KHz to 10 MHz
    • Greater than 60 dB of isolation from 50 KHz to 10 MHz to unused ports
    • SWR contribution less than 1.15: 1 from 50 KHz to 10 MHz
    • Quality UHF or F connectors
    • Perfect for Beverage antennas needing non-selected antennas terminated
    • High Quality, specaly dsigned, telecome relays for a good low current tarnsfer and a long life
    • Compatable with LowBandSysytems LBC8ARD control console

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