Desktop Receive Antenna Switch, “DS4R”

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Designed to be used with up to 4 receive only, single direction antennas like Beverages, Penants, Flags, DHDL etc.


  • 4 inputs (SO239 or F connectors);
  • inserted SWR ≤ 1:1.1
  • unused ports loaded to 50 or 75 ohms, 2W resistor; 
  • -60db. minimum isolation to unused port;
  • 7 pole Chebyshev high pass filter with cutoff at 1.7 Mhz, input SWR ≤ 1.3:1; 
  • we can make on request single BPF 160 or 80 or 40, instead of HPF;
  • RX Amp., 12db (=18db. on request) of Gain;
  • 2.1 mm DC connector;
  • Phono connector for TX_GND signal 


  • Receive antennas inputs and Amplifier switched OFF, during Transmit using TX_Gnd signal;


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