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Flexible, Four-Square Control Console, Push-button Switch Type, 4 or 8-position controllers used to control any 4-Square relay unit.


Most unique (but not the only) features:

  • Preprogrammed, 5 different control programs with different logics, for almost all know Four-Square (4 and 8 direction) relay units;
  • You can program controller your self and make your personalized TRUTH table, sink or source or both , 8 control lines;
  • OMNI direction switch;
  • CW stub remote relay switch;


 Designed to control equipment of: 

  • LowBandSystems (any of the 4 SQUARE systems);
  • Comtek (TFS4 transmit Four-Square relay units);
  • DX Engineering (TFS4 transmit Four Square relay units);
  • ANY OTHER MANUFACTURE 4 or 8 direction Four-Square systems;




  • DX Engineering: Control Consoles DXE-CC-4SQR;
  • COMTEK ACB-4A Series Four-Square Control Consoles COM-ACB4A

8 programable control lines, relay outputs for direction control:

  • Sink or Cource for all 8 lines;
  • Polyfused power lines, short circuits protected;
  • 13-30VDC; 1A
  • Can control few lines for transmit systems and at the same time few more lines for receive only antenna systems for syncronious operation;
  • Can control 3 Source and 5 Sink lines at the same time;
  • Can use second, high voltage power supply for long runs of control cables to distant remote switches; 

 Additional features include:

  • CW STUB buttons for remore relay switches;
  • OMNI button for DXEngineering Four-Square systems;
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