PentaPlexer «PerfoBox», 1500W, ICAS, 14-18-21-24-28 MHz

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Brand: LowBandSystems
Weight, bruto, kg: 4,450
Weight, kg: 3,650
Connector: SO-239 Sillver-Teflon
Power, Watts, ICAS, per Output port: 3,000
Power, Watts, 50% duty cycle, per Output port: 4,500
Size, mm: 400х320х120
  • CherylGeopy 03.09.2018 18:47
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  • Rolf 28.03.2018 19:19

    We were using your PentaPlexer 1500 w without any trouble at our DXP XR0YD on Easter Island.

    It was used with until 3 times 1 kW on a Spider beam. Great!


    Rolf DL7VEE
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