SO2R Relay Switch, RK-226

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You can share up to 6 different antennas with 2 different radios. Perfect for Multi-Single, Multi-2, and some small Multi-Multi contest operations. For DXers or collectors with 3 or more operating positions, you can now connect any of 6 antennas to up to 2 of your stations without rewiring or moving coax cables.



  • 12 or 24VDC control voltage;
  • 3 kW at 1,5:1 VSWR;
  • Low VSWR up to 150 MHz;
  • All unused inputs are grounded;
  • Weather proof, fully shileded relay box;
Brand: R-QUAD
Power, Watts, ICAS: 3,000 at 30Mhz
Connector: SO-239 Sillver-Teflon
Control cable, number of wires: 2 x 7
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