Four-Square Switch Relay Unit

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Four-Square Hybrid SWitch Relay Unit, 6 kW CW ICAS, 120W dummy load included

LowBandSytems 4SQUARE/TX Switch Relay Units use classic monoband Hybrid design.

Robust RedArmy relays (27VDC) and capasitors.

Includes very robust 50 ohm, 120Watts non-inductive dummy load. 

SO-239 input connector with PTFE Dielectric and Silver Plating.

 IP65 steel enclosure.


Switch relay units are made to the band of your choise, 160-10 meters.

These switch relay unit require the LowBandSytems 4 SQUARE ARRAY Control Console SMART-4


A LowBandSytems factory tuned cable feed system for the vertical array will provide the best performance.

Band, MHz: 1,8;3,5;7;10;14;18;21;24;28
Power, Watts, ICAS: 6000
Weight, bruto, kg: 7
Size: 320x220x200
Connector: SO-239 Sillver-Teflon
Coil, VDC: 27
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