DX-pedition Sponsorship Policy

Unfortunately due to the latest developments and difficulities in international shipping our Sponsorship programm is temporarily suspeneded.


Our terms and conditions:


  • Low Band Systems® does not provide "loaner" equipment or cash grants.  However, DX-pedition may purchase equipment at a discount for their use.  The level of discount will be determined by Low Band Systems.


  • The operation must consist of at least two full-time operators.
  • The group or organization must have a web site promoting the DX-pedition. A list of all individuals participating must be posted on the web site.  
  • Special consideration is given to applications from groups with a predominance of less-experienced or younger operators.


  • Respect the IARU recommendations during operation.
  • Be in possession of a valid license, delivered by proper authorities, and obey the conditions of use in the destination country.
  • The group or organization sponsoring the DX-pedition must commit to equality for voice, CW and digital modes.
  • Reply every QSL request, including via bureau (as well as SWL reports), according to the applicant’s wish (direct requests will be answered direct if SAE and sufficient postage are included). Low Band Systems will not sponsor expeditions that will « QSL only direct ».


  • We will provide FLAG of LowBandSystems and kindly ask you to make photo of team, antennas, equipment with the flag;
  • Logos of Low Band Systems® must be placed on DX-pedition web site and QSL cards as sponsor.
  • A Eham review of LowBandSystem`s gear must be written and placed on www.eham.net under the appropriate department and may be used on  Lowbandsystem`s web page.
  • Send Low Band Systems® a sample copy or JPEG image of your QSL card for publicity purposes.

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