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We ussualy dont name our customers nor list them.


But I can not resist today.

This is the most motivating picture of happy customer I ever received after the contest.


With the permition of my friend Stefano, IK2QEI:

    Eight direction Four SQUARE system, 80 meters, at II2S.

    II2S claimed First World Multi Two CQ WW SSB 2020 with 10,617,600 points: 1318Q-85C-23Z.


Complimenti Ragazzi!


Can you imagine what would be the QSO number if PCB would not be installed Upside Down :)




February, 2020

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February, 2020

Incredible pictures from Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Photo courtesy of VE1RUS

LowBandSystems 4 SQUARE ARRAY switch system, 40 meters :



someone very beautiful is supervising installation:



HIGH POWER 4 SQUARE TRANSMIT SYSTEM at extreme weather condition:





DX-pedition VP8PJ to South Orkney Islands, 2020

It is a honour for us to support VP8/VP8PJ DX pedition to South Orkney Islands, 2020 with our NEW 1500DX, II SERIES PERFOBOX BANDPASS FILTERS


LowBandSystems 1500W DX SERIES II, PERFOBOX filters, nice 8 high stack of filters, cool idea for large, installation! 


Photo from A5A - Bhutan

Band Pass Filter "Perfo Box", 500W ICAS, 5MHz:



Low-Band DX-pedition from 5T5PA / PA5X



Incredible photos by Nodir EY8MM from  Pitcair island, VP6R. 

LowBandSystems Matchig Unit for 160м Vertical:

One of the Beverages.
LowBandSystems Universal matching set and Distributoin System 8 Antenas to 3 Radios.

Any receive antenna can be matched by those smal boxes. Designed for DX peditions.


160m station:

Flex, ACOM, LowBandSystems and Radiosport gear in action.




Some photos from the latest ZK3A operation of 8 direction 4 Square system on 80 meters:


Verticals on the ocean shore, best possible location:

4 square 8 direction system at Zk3A


8 direction 4 square system PCB is under the DX pedition style enclosure:

Adrian KO8SCA operates on 80:

Adrian, YO8KSC at 80 meters position with LowbandSystems 8 direction 4 square system



VP6R 160 meter vertical with LowBandSystems matching unit:


160 meter Vertical with LowBandSystems matching unit


Oct. 18 – Nov. 1, 2019


Our gear in action!

We loaned fololowing equipment to 3Y0Z and this DX pedition:




It is a honour for us to support VP8/VP8DXU DX pedition to South Orkney Islands, 2020 with our NEW 1500DX, II SERIES PERFOBOX BANDPASS FILTERS




We are happy to be a sponsor of RAFFLE at Clippeton DX Club meeting!

Mejannes de Clap!




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It is a honour for us to support TN5R DX pedition to Congo with our  PerfoBox filters








It is a honour for us to support 3B7A DX pedition to Saint Brandon island with our  PerfoBox filters






We are proud to sponsor 9M0W - Spratly Islands DX pedition to Spratley island  with our  1500W TriPlexer





We are proud to sponsor 3Y0Z DX pedition to Bouvet island with our 1500W Band Pass Filters for HF + WARC bands, custom designed matching units for 160 and 80 meters bands Vertical antennas

We will also supply custom designed Receive antennas distribution system. 


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