Universal Control Console "UCC-8"

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Can be used with any Remote Relay Switch, Matching Unit, Stack Match, Phased antenna systems or 4 Square Array system switches.


8 buttons to select needed antennas and 8 output lines easily programable to control different gear.


Seven preprogrammed truth tables for popular gear.

User  programable 8th truth table.



LowBandSystem`s Universal Control Console makes it possible to easily manage:

  • any brand remote realy switch with up to 8 control lines;
  • any remote matching unit;
  • any Stack Match controller, giving your a selections of any combination of your Stacked HF beam antennas;
  • any 4 Square phasing systems, 4 and 8 direction;
  • any phased array system, from 2 to 9 element;

Sink or Source selectable buy user;

Can handle second power supply, fuse protected, with higher or negative Voltage output;


Key features:

Control Console has eight illuminated push buttons: ANT-1 through ANT-8 select antennas;

Buttons labels can be easily changed by printing out what you need and insert them under the cap;

Each antenna selection keys works as a one-touch ON, one-touch OFF method, so it is easy to control which of antennas you want to use at a certain time;

Special version of software allows to select up to 4 of antennas at the same time.


Eight output relays;

Hot switching protection carried out by using TX_Gnd signal output of your trancceiver. No more hardware failures in the middle of the contest due to operators fatigue!

And you have a provision of 8 msec delayed TX_Gnd output signal to other gear.

All the output control lines is protected by glass fuse, (5x20 mm., 1A).


The system is managed and supervised by a microcontroller that has internal software designed to meet the various system functions and easy operation. Different internal truth tables can control any gear made by:

  • DX Engineering
  • ArraySolution
  • HamPlus
  • SJ2W
  • Remote QTH
  • others


  • DB-25 output connector;
  • RCA (Phono) connector TX_Gnd input signal; 
  • RCA (Phono) connector TX_Gnd delayed output signal; 
  • 2.1 mm DC Power connector (13VDC, 1A) for control console;
  • 2.1 mm DC Power connector for negative or high voltage power source to mangae unique gear;
  • Ground terminal;


Carton size: 215 x 180 x 70 mm / 8,5” х 7,1” х 2,8” 

Net weight: ≤1,0 kg / 2,2 lbs

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