Matching Unit, V160-80_QRO

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Remote Matching Unit for Vertical antennas, “V160-80QRO”. QRO - 7kW ICAS. Designed for 80-100` high verticals with Top Loading. Shunt network scheme on 2 sub bands: 160CW - 160SSB and L matching network on 2 sub bands: 80CW - 80DX.


User manual v.1 (PDF 550kB)


Designed for 24-27 meters high Verticals with TopLoading wires.

Radials on the ground or elevated, 2-4 per band.

Heavy Duty components!


4 sub-bands for full coverage:


160CW - 160SSB

80CW - 80SSB


DeTuning on RX using TX Gnd signal with Control units "MU-4", "SMART-4 ".

Hot switching protection as well.

Power, Watts, ICAS: 5000
Coil, VDC: 27
Working temperature:: -40 +50
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