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Been a small company, we appreciate and support your efforts in activating rare DX countries.




    Our production designed for DX-pedition use:


    Unique design, 1500W Band Pass Filters for DX peditions

    All HF bands, WARC and 5Mhz included.



    Best on the market attenuation on all the adjacent bands!

    Extremly low loss!

    Pleas check attenuation to the nearest WARC bands for example ...



    Those filters perfectly matches with our Pentaplexer!

    5 port multiplexer. Older brother to well know TriPlexer.

    Designed to allow simultaneous operation of up to 5 station on 5 different bands using only one coax from single coax five band antennas like Spiderbeam, Multiband Verticals, Logoperiodics and many other!

    With our 1500DX series of bandpass filters provides QRM free 1500W operation of 5 station!


    Matching unit for 160-30 Vertical antenna “V160-30"


    Designed for 17-20 meters high verticals with TopLoading.

    Easy tuning, no soldering needed!



    Desktop receive antenna switch “DS4R”

    "Basic" RX antennas switch for small setups:

    • 4 inputs, UHF of F input connectors ;
    • 12db preamp. with HPF (1.7Mhz);
    • output connector on demand (UHF, Phono, BNC);
    • 13.8VDC;



    Universal, receive antenna`s matching sets for 50 and 75 ohm systems:

    50 or 75 ohm systems!

    UHF or F connectors.


    Depending on local conditions, with this matching set only, you can build any popular receive only antenna:

    Beverage, BOG, K9AY, DHDL, Flag, Penant!


    You dont have to carry multiple items.

    Build any suitable antenna with this matchin set only!

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