Splitters, Combiners

LowBandSystems splitters / combiners are low loss, high isolation power dividers designed for splitting receiver lines in order to feed two or more receivers or combine signals from few antennas. 


Splitter/Combiners feature:

  • Uncompromised 50 or 75 ohms design;
  • Low insertion loss;
  • High isolation;
  • Metal housing for superior shielding and longer life;
  • Small size;
  • High quality components;
  • Reliable CATV F or SO-239 connectors;
  • Broad, 470 kHz through 30 MHz operating range;

N-Port Splitter/Combiners are used either:

  • to split the signal from antenna to feed N- receivers;
  • to combine N- receiving antennas to form an array;

Example of 2-way application:


For splitting, use the 2-Port Splitter/Combiner to split an antenna signal in two, typically to feed two receivers.

For combining, use them for two antenna systems into a single feedline with negligible loss.


Any unused outputs should be terminated with 50 or 75 ohm loads.


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