Distribution Switches, packages

Distribution Switches and packages are used to split the signal from up to 16 different receive antennas to feed 2-4 receivers with complete flexibility. Any antenna to any output with no interaction nor limitations.

The 8A2R package or switch is ideal for SO2R and most M/S and M/2 stations, diversity reception. It's a perfect choise for diversity reception with transceivers having dual-receive capabilities.


LowBandSystems Distribution Switches feature:

  • Uncompromised 50 or 75 ohms design;
  • VSWR at antenna inputs (referenced to the specified impedance):
  • Approaches 1:1 for unselected antenna ports; typically 1.3:1 or better for selected antennas, but may vary, depending on the accuracy of your receiver input impedance.
  • Insertion loss:  3.25 dB for 2 way cplitting, 6.4 db. for 4 way splitting;
  • Isolation between the two output ports is ≥ 25db;
  • Isolation to unused antenna ≥65db;
  • Broad, 300 kHz through 30 MHz operating range;
  • Unused antennas terminated to 50 or 75 ohms, 4W load;
  • Weather proof enclosure and connectors on demand
  • Metal housing for superior shielding and longer life;
  • High quality components;
  • Reliable CATV F or SO-239 connectors;
  • BCD encoded control to minimize wirering;
  • DC Power:  +13-15VDC @ approx. 100 mA max.;
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