"Distribution switch, 8A2R", 75 Ohm, 8 Inputs, 2 totally indendent outputs (band and direction independence), F female, 75 Ohm termination, 13.8 Vdc

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Receive only antenna distribution switch for SO2R, M/S, M/M station:


Detailed data sheet of distribution switch 8A2R

75Ω design; RF Connectors:

F for 75 ohm

8 inputs, 2 output configuration:

eight wide band hybrid splitters followed by relay switch

8 inputs:                                         

Multiplexer technology ready©

unselected ports terminated to 2W, 75 ohm, 4W resistors

Insertion loss:

≤ 3,2 dB

Isolation between output ports:

≥ 20 db

Isolation to antenna ports: 

≥ 40 db
VSWR: ≤1,5:1
Control logic:

BCD controlled, 3 bit.                  Requires power line for decoder

Power requirements:

+13VDC, 0.3A, higher voltage can be required with long runs of control cables

Control lines:

9 x 0.35÷0.5mm2, (AWG#20÷#24)          depending on a control cable length


Aluminum alloy, rubber gaskets,

IP65 rated for the enclosure without connectors

Outdoor installation: Yes, suggested in protection enclosure

205 x 125 x 75 mm /

8,1” х 4,9” х 2,9”

Net weight: ≤1,0 kg / 2,2 lbs
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