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12 direction Arduino Mega based controller; 6 band selection, manual or AUTO; 2 receive preamplifiers ON / OFF switch; 3 types of RX arrays control; Can be easily reprogrammed with a new sketch for almost any number and type of antennas. Custom AZ map;

Custom designed for distribution switch system to 4 radios:


12 direction Beverages field;

8 direction 8 circle array;

YAGIs (40-10) in 4 direction;


Full system consist of:


4pcs Arduino based controllers in  the shack;

Remote relay switch with Band Pass Filters and Pre. Amps, spiltters mounted in the field.


Controller with: 

8 relay outputs for direction control;

4 lines for BCD switch  and 4 more lines for other purposes;

Polyfused power lines;

13-25VDC; 1A

Can use second, high voltage power supply for long runs of control cables to distant remote switches;

6 band manual selector for BPF;

2 buttons for external PreAmplifiers;


RX chains is switche OFF while transmit usinf TX_GND signal;

TX_GND output, delayed 8 msec. for PA;

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