"Distribution switch, 8x4", 50 Ohm, 3 x BandPassFilters (160 / 80 / 40m), 2 x RX PreAmplifier +11db Gain, UHF female, Combo

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Receive antennas, distribution switch for Big DX peditions, Multi-Single, Multi-Multi station:


  • 8 antenna  inputs, not selected terminated to 50 ohms;
  • 4 (four) totaly independent outputs to 4 (four) receivers: any antenna, on any band, to any receiver;
    • 2 different connectors on each output: SO-239 and RCA;
  • Four sets of 3 BandPass Filters: 160, 80, 40 separate for each receiver, bypassed;
  • 4 sets (for each receiver), of 2 (two) RX PreAmplifiers, (each +11db Gain, NF ≤ 3.5db), bypassed;
  • 50 Ohm design, UHF (SO-239) RF connectors;
  • BCD control logic for antenna selection by each control console, LBC8ARD suggested;
  • 1of3 control logic for bandpass filter selection by each control console LBC8ARD suggested;
  • 4 x Phoenix pluggable Terminal Blocks 10 Pos 5.08mm pitch, can be repalced by custom orders;
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