Сontroller DS-4B

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  • Overview

Flexible, 4-position controllers used to control any remote antenna switches or any receive (or transmit) array controllers.

Its unique design features is not only 1-of-8 and BCD control, but plenty of other logics, for different type of arrays, including 4SQUARES etc.

  • Designed to control equipment of: 
  • LowBandSystems (any of the Beverage switch Systems, 4SQUARE RX, 8 Circle RX, K-98, distriution systems 4A4R, 4A2R etc.)
  • Hi-Z Antennas (HiZ-2, HiZ-4)
  • DX Engineering (Four Square, Beverage Antenna Systems)


 Additional features include:

  • 2 band manual selector for Receive BandPassFilters with Bypass option and 12db.  PreAmplifier inline;
  • RX chains (Remote Relay switch, BPFs, RX amps) is PROTECTED by switching OFF while transmit using TX_GND signal from transceiver


Carton size: 200 х 190 х 80 mm / 7,9" х 7,5 х 3,1"
Net weight: ≤1,0 kg / 2,2 lbs

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