Control console “RB-C”. (Bias - Tee)

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Control console “RB-C”.


Bias - Tee.

DC inject to coax line.


Low Band System`s Bias Tee place +12V DC output voltages onto the receive antenna coax cable.

RBC and RBC-U Bias Tee function from below 500 kHz to 30 MHz and were designed for use with reversible Beverage antenna systems, remote receive only Pre Amplifiers and other voltage-controlled antenna systems.

Internal thermal reset fuse offers full protection against accidental shorts.

2.5 mm. power connector


RF connectors of your choise.

Common mode chookes can be integrated on demand.


Carton size: 100 х 90 х 50 mm / 3,9"x 3,5" x 2,0"
Net weight: ≤0,2 kg / 0,4 lbs

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