Universal Beverage Antenna matching transformer and Receive Preamplifier, "RBU+LBA", Inline, 50 or 75 ohm system

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Universal Beverage matching transforemr with Receive Preamplifier in a single enclosure. Outdoor.

Matches Beverage, Beverage on  the ground, terminated Loops and Flag like antennas.


Input filter: High Pass filter, 7 pole Chebyshev, 1.7 MHz cut-off.

Can be custom modified with Low  / High / Band Pass Filter for any frequency range and cutoff frequency.


Gain: standart +12db.

Can be custom modified in the range (+6÷20)db, please specify.


NF  ≤ 3.5db

OIP ≥ 25db

Bypassed when OFF.


50 or 75 ohms design.

SO-239 (UHF) or F output connectors.


Terminals for the antenna wire and grounding.

DC power inject via coax line, requiers 13÷20 Vdc, 0.2A.


Aluminium case with flanges, easy for mounting and weatherproofed.

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