StackMatch, 3000W, 4 antennas, 21Mhz

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SM4-3kW series of Stacking Switces 

Mono band Stacking switch SM4-3kW-21Mhz


Multiplexer technology ready ©

Unselected antenna ports are terminated 50 Ohm, 8W.

Can be used with high power multiplexer distribution systems.


Three optimized matching networks for 2, 3 or 4 antenna stacking.


Control options: any single antemma or one of 14 (yes, fourteen) combination of antennas!


LEDs helping to visualize antennas selected.

5 silver plated quality UHF (SO-239) connectors.

Control: 12Vdc, MOV protected for all seven control lines.


Band: 21 Mhz
≤ 0,1 db at 21MHz
000W at 1,5 : 1 SWR
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