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Four Stack, Control Console

LowBandSystem`s Four Stack control console makes it possible to easily and quickly change selections of any in-phase combination of two, three or four stacked HF beam antennas. Any single antenna can be selected too.

Control Console has four illuminated pushbuttons; ANT 1 through 4 select stacked antennas.

Each antenna selection keys works as a one-touch ON, one-touch OFF method, so it is easy to control which of antennas you want to use at a certain time.


Hot switching protection carried out by using TX_Gnd signal output of your trancceiver. No more hardware failures in the middle of the contest due to operators fatigue!

All the outpit control lines is protected by glass fuse, 5x20 mm., 1A

The system is managed and supervised by a microcontroller that has internal software designed to meet the various system functions and easy operation. Different internal subprograms can be used to control Two, Three and Four Stack Match units made by:

  • ArraySolution
  • HamPlus
  • SJ2W
  • Remote QTH


  • Double 13VDC, 2.1 mm DC jack;
  • DB-25 outpur connector;
  • RCA (Phono) connector TX_Gnd input signal; 

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