Contester Two Radio BPF system «Perfo Box -200», includes 6 Band Pass Filters for 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m bands

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Detailed data sheet of Contester Two Radio BPF system TBA soon

Contester Two Radio BPF system

Lets you share six different BPFs with 2 different radios. Perfect for SO2R, Multi-Two and Multi-Single contest operations.


  • High isolation Six to Two relay switching system to share Six band BPFs among two Radios
  • Identical control schem for two radios
  • Additional cooling fans can be installed if neccesary in a harsh condition


  • Power handling 200W ICAS*, max VSWR 1,5:1
  • Typical insertion loss is less than 0.5 dB
  • Typical adjacent band attenuation is -60÷90 dB, individual filter plots provided
  • 13.6VDC, 700 mA. required for operation
  • 2.1 mm power input jack Center is + input
  • Phoenix plugable control connector (and 8 pin round connector) can be used to power unit as well, 7th pin is + input, 8th pin is Common
  • All the control functions is done with a single Rotary switch
  • Eight LED indicators show DC power status and band selection
  • Band selection can be Manual or Automatic (two Auto modes)
  • DC power off provides a Bypass mode for the unit
  • SO-239 (can be replaced to N type on demand) connectors for connection to radio and amplifier or antenna
  • Heavy duty chassis construction
  • Size: 455 x 360 x 210 mm / 18” х 14” х 8”
  • Net weight: ≤10,9 kg / 24,5 lbs
  • Gross weight: ≤13,5 kg / 30,0 lbs
  • Rubber feets
  • All the mating connectors included

Manual control mode:

  • Band selection with Rotary knob
  • You can select one of Six BPFs or Bypass or Auto mode of operation

Bypass mode:

  • DC power off provides a by-pass mode for the unit
  • Bypass mode can be selected manually when unit is turned ON and Rotary switch is in Bypass position

AUTO modes:

  • To use Auto modes this unit must be powered ON
  • Auto mode is selected when Rotary switch is in Auto position
  • "Auto" LED will light up RED
  • The bandpass filter can be selected by the customer’s external band decoder control signal to the unit via Phoenix plugable connector on the rear panel or 8 pin round connector which is in parallel to the Phoenix connector;
  • The Contester BPF system is looking for a Positive (Source) trigger signal from external band decoder on the pin that corresponds to the band
  • The bandpass filter can also be selected by internal BCD, 4bit band decoder, 5 pin round connector on a rear panel
  • The Contester BPF system is looking for a Positive BCD trigger signal in a Yaesu/Elecraft standard 4 bit code
  • Only one control signals can be used at any time. Either external band decoder (decoded six band signals) or internal BCD decoder (4 bit BCD signal)
  • N type input and output connectors on demand;
  • BandPass filters can be replaced by the filters for the bands of your interest;
  • Two Contester units can be cascaded to fit 12 available "PerfoBox-200" BPFs for 160-80-60-40-30-20-17-15-12-10-6-4 meter bands;

* Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service, (CW - 50% Duty cycle)

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