Contester Two Radio BPF system «Perfo Box -200», includes 6 Band Pass Filters for 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m bands

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Detailed data sheet of Contester Two Radio BPF system TBA soon

Contester Two Radio BPF system

Lets you share up to 6 different BPFs with 2 different radios. Perfect for SO2R, Multi-Two and Multi-Single contest operations.


  • Power handling 200 watts
  • Typical insertion loss is less than 0.5 dB
  • Typical adjastent band attenuation is -60÷90 dB
  • LED indicators show DC power status and band selection
  • Band selection can be Manual or Automatic
  • DC power off provides a by-pass mode for the unit
  • 2.1 mm power input jack requires +13.8 VDC, 500 ma (min), Center is + input
  • SO-239 (can be replaced to N type) connectors for connection to radio and amplifier/antenna
  • Heavy duty chassis construction
  • Size: 455 x 360 x 220 mm / 17,9” х 14,17” х 8,7”
  • Net weight: ≤8,2 kg / 18,0 lbs
  • Rubber feets

    Bypass mode:

    • Bypass LED will light up RED;
    • When DC power is connected to the rear of the unit,
      but the unit is not turned ON, the PWR LED will be RED and the unit is in bypass mode.
    • If the unit is turned OFF, or if the DC power to the unit is removed,
      the unit will also be in bypass mode.

    AUTO mode:

    • Auto LED will light up RED;
    • The bandpass filter canl be selected by the customer’s external band decoder input signal to the unit via Phoenix plugable connector on the rear of the unit or 8-pin Round Microphone Connectors;
    • The bandpass filter can also be selected by internal 4 bit BCD band decoder (Yaesu, Elecraft), 5-pin Round Connectors;
    • The Contester BPF system is looking for a Positive (Source) trigger signal from external band decoder on the pin that corresponds to the band being selected and a Yaesu/Elecraft Positive BCD, 4 bit code on the BCD input connectors. User can rewire those 16 available outputs to their needs.


    • N type input and output connectors on demand;
    • BandPass filters can be replaced by the filters for the bands of your interest;
    • Two Contester units can be cascaded to fit 12 available "PerfoBox-200" BPFs;

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