Two loop, 8 direction, receiving antenna system "K-98"

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A compact directional receiving antenna, using 2 terminated loops. 8 directions.

  • Broadband, from MF to 10Mhz
  • 8 directions
  • 50 and 75 ohm system design and connectors
  • +12db Preamplifier with High Pass Filter


A compact directional receiving antenna.

The basis for terminated loop directional antennas is that it has a steerable null.

Loop form and size can vary from a circle to quads and Triangles, diamonds, delta etc.

Terminated side of the loop, has a very deep and narrow null. At some propagation conditions it can exceeds 30db.

This can be switched around using a combination of relays that change the loops and phasing of two loops.  

With our two loop antenna system you can have 8 directions of deep null!

This antenna requires a good ground to work against.  We recommend at least two radials along each side of the loops.  This will keep the ground conductivity below the antenna fairly constant during summer heat and winter, and may improve Front to Back ration depending on a soil property. Termination value may be different on different bands as well.

High pass filter (can be replaced with Low Pass or Band Pass filter on requuest) and Preamp +12db. gain right at the antenna, can be switched off of the circuit.  Sometimes this extra +12 dB made the difference between no copy and good copy.

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