SO2R “Eight2Two” relay switch

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Eight2Two Relay Switch lets you share up to 8 different antennas with 2 different radios. Perfect for Multi-Single, Multi-2, and small Multi-Multi contest operations. This high quality switch is multiplexer technology ready with unselected ports terminated to 50 ohm resistors. Build a complete system where each radio can select and operate simultaneously with your multi-band antenna connected to a Low Band Systems Multiplexer and Band Pass Filters and to this SO2R Eight2Two Relay Switch.



  • Typical insertion loss 1.8 – 28 MHz < -0.06 dB
    Typical insertion loss 50 MHz < -0.12 dB


  • Typical VSWR 1.8 – 28 MHz < 1.1:1
    Typical VSWR 50 MHz < 1.15:1


  • Power rating (1.8-30 MHz, SWR <1.5:1) 3kW ICAS;


  • isolation between Radio A and Radio B (depending on antenna ports)
    50 MHz: -63db to -84dB
    28 MHz: -70dB to -89dB
    14 MHz: -76dB to -94dB
    3.5 MHz: -86dB to -100dB
  • 12VDC positive control voltage;
  • Silver - Teflon coax connectors;
  • All unused inputs are terminated to 50 ohms (or grounded with an internal jumper change)




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